Unusable Due to Error (revised) / by John Walder

So this is my third time writing this post & changing the title ( learning not to vent in public lol ) Anywhoo here are some photos from a shoot I did recently that the client did not like because they said:

"Errors In Shoot:
- The (client) Team + production team (us) were all rushed. To the (client) team, the photos don't show enough of who they are and their overall feeling of the shoot is that they simply can't use those images." 

I have an opinion for that but yes I will keep it to myself LMAO!!! Only thing that sucks is that I paid my assistant for his time and work, to bad I won't get my $$$ for my time and work. But hey that is what contracts are for ladies and gents , so don't fuck up like I did!

(so they paid me half of what I suppose to to make, it just sucks cause I still lost money and time on this gig)